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Kick off for my new SpriteKit and SWIFT Tutorial

I’m preparing a new tutorial: How to implement a space shooter with SpriteKit and SWIFT My goal is to implement a complete space shooter with SpriteKit and SWIFT. Content is: Part 1: Initial project setup, sprite creation and movement using SKAction and SKConstraint Part 2: Adding enemies, bullets and shooting with SKAction and SKConstraint Part 3: Adding a HUD with SKLabelNode […]

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HowTo: Implement targeting or follow behaviour with SpriteKit and SKConstraint in SWIFT

Welcome to Part 14 of my blog series about iOS game development: SpriteKit and SKConstraint At the developer conference WWDC, in June this year, Apple showed a new class in SpriteKit: SKConstraint. It can be used to define constraints for the orientation, the distance or the position of SpriteKit nodes. In my todays blog post I’ll show […]

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How to combine / convert ObjectiveC into SWIFT

Welcome to Part 12 of my blog series about game development: convert ObjectiveC into SWIFT Today I’ll show how to combine SWIFT with Objective-C code. There is no need to migrate all of your existing code to SWIFT. You’ll not sell one App more, if this is the only improvement of your new version. Not […]

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WWDC 2014 and SWIFT

Welcome to Part 11 of my blog series about game development. I’ve been busy the last weeks with watching WWDC videos. So much new stuff and so little time ;-).  My favorites are Swift, Playground, Sprite Kit enhancements like the new level editor and especially this new Interface Builder Feature: It is possible to use ONE Storyboard to […]