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Escape The Maze

I haven’t blogged for a while, because I was busy with my new game project. Working title: “Escape The Maze”

Grown up with 16 Bit Home Computers like Atari ST & Amiga and being also fan of the demo scene, I wondered if it is possible to create a Dungeon Master clone on limited hardware like an  Apple Watch. The Game will also run on iPhones, iPads, Macs & Apple TVs. 

Surprisingly the biggest challenge was not the 3D Engine, but creating an usable user interface which works on all devices.

Why am I’m doing this?

I like the answer from Petri Häkkinen about why he is developing a game for the Commodore VC 20. For me it is nearly the same: It means fun.

Not sure where this will lead. Maybe the game will be:

I will blog about the progress of my game and what I learned during the implementation phase. One of the next articles will be about UI test automation with XCUI and SceneKit.

That’s all for the moment.