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Create App Preview Videos for the Apple Appstore

I’ve just created a few Apple Appstore preview videos for my upcoming Dungeon Crawler game: Escape the Dungeon Maze. I’ll share my workflow for creating these videos in this post: 1. Create an XCUI Automation Test: The test should cover all areas which should be part of the video. It can run longer than the […]

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XCUI Tests with SceneKit

I started writing UI tests for my upcoming dungeon crawler game. My game engine uses SceneKit for the 3D world and XCUI  tests for the UI test automation. I recommend this tutorial as introduction in ui test automation with XCUI. I write this tutorial because there is not much information avilable about the combination of SCNKit and […]

Playground SpriteKit SWIFT

Pong like game as iPad SWIFT Playground

Last week on WWDC Apple showed a short demo about a Swift Playground for iOS, which was part of iOS 10 on iPads. They focused on using playgrounds to teach kids and students coding. That seems a little bit unspectacular and is a great understatement. Swift Playground support a lot of advanced iOS libraries like SpriteKit, SceneKit, UIKit.  I was wondering […]