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Escape The Maze

I haven’t blogged for a while, because I was busy with my new game project. Working title: “Escape The Maze” Grown up with 16 Bit Home Computers like Atari ST & Amiga and being also fan of the demo scene, I wondered if it is possible to create a Dungeon Master clone on limited hardware […]

Apple Watch WatchKit

Apple Watch as a Gaming Platform – Use the Digital Crown to control sprite movement for a Pong like game

Use the Digital Crown to control sprite movement Welcome to my new WatchKit tutorial. Today I’ll show that it is possible to use the Apple Watch as a gaming platform. First let’s look back to the first WatchKit versions. They have been very limited in terms of available┬áinput controls. Using alternative hardware stuff like the […]

Apple Watch SWIFT WatchKit

How to debug on a real Apple Watch

Today my Apple Watch was delivered ­čÖé I immediately tried┬áto deploy my prototypes┬áto the Apple Watch, to see how the behave on real hardware. The simulator gives only a first impression. Here are my learnings: Basically you need to perform two steps: Add the UDID of your apple watch to the developer portal Update your […]