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How to debug on a real Apple Watch

Today my Apple Watch was delivered 🙂

I immediately tried to deploy my prototypes to the Apple Watch, to see how the behave on real hardware. The simulator gives only a first impression. Here are my learnings: Basically you need to perform two steps:

  • Add the UDID of your apple watch to the developer portal
  • Update your provisioning profile to support the watch

Luckily XCode can manage the whole process for you. First you need a sample project like this from NatashaTheRobot: WatchKitTableDemo 1. Deploy the App to your iPhone/iPad Debug Apple Watch part1 2. Start the WatchKit App also on your iPhone/iPad (not in the simulator) Debug Apple Watch part2   3. Choose Fix Issue, when this error message appears: WatchKit Error Message Select team from Apple Developer Portal 4. Select your Development Team: watch3  

That’s all. After a short time XCode has created and downloaded a new profile and added your Apple Watch to the devices section in the Apple Developer Portal.