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Kick off for my new SpriteKit and SWIFT Tutorial

I’m preparing a new tutorial: How to implement a space shooter with SpriteKit and SWIFT My goal is to implement a complete space shooter with SpriteKit and SWIFT. Content is: Part 1: Initial project setup, sprite creation and movement using SKAction and SKConstraint Part 2: Adding enemies, bullets and shooting with SKAction and SKConstraint Part 3: Adding a HUD with SKLabelNode […]

iOS SpriteKit SWIFT

HowTo: Implement targeting or follow behaviour with SpriteKit and SKConstraint in SWIFT

Welcome to Part 14 of my blog series about iOS game development: SpriteKit and SKConstraint At the developer conference WWDC, in June this year, Apple showed a new class in SpriteKit: SKConstraint. It can be used to define constraints for the orientation, the distance or the position of SpriteKit nodes. In my todays blog post I’ll show […]

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HowTo: Implement a Delegate Pattern to communicate between a SpriteKit Scene and the parent ViewController

Welcome to Part 10 of my blog series about game development. Today I’ll show how to use a delegate pattern to communicate with the ViewController which contains our Scene. You can download the project from GitHub: v0.7 if you haven’t completed part 8. One of the most important characteristics of this pattern is ‘Inversion of control’. The goal of […]

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HowTo: Implement a HUD with SpriteKit

Welcome to Part 8 of my blog series about game development: HUD with SpriteKit Today I’ll add a HUD (head up display) to the SpriteKit Scene. The HUD shows the remaining lives, current, level, score and has the option to pause the game: Create the HUD: 1. Create a new SpritKit project in Xcode:       […]