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My new Game Development Blog

I love developing small games and did this on multiple platforms …
… but no one has ever been really finished. The reasons have been every time the same: Not good enough, I didn’t know how to distribute, no time to continue, …
After buying my first iPhone and Mac I decided to learn Objective C. In my opinion the best way to learn new things is having fun. So I started writing a small game prototype. Without experience in Objective C and at the beginning not knowing where to go, I ended up with a running prototype and a lot of spaghetti code.
Now having a clear goal and a lot more experience on the iOS platform I decided to do a complete redesign.
To motivate me additionally I’ll share the progress and my learnings in this blog.
Please be patient with me, if I need some time to post new updates. Being a father of two little girls means I have not more than one or two hours in the evening to work on this game (of course not every evening).
Let’s see if I can finish it this time 😉
Have fun!

Planned Topics for my Game Development Blog:

  • Create the skeleton app: Views, Storyboards, UIView Animations
  • View Controller Navigation
  • Implementing a custom HighScore
    • TableViews
    • Picture Capturing
  • Import tmc level files from Tiled
  • Use URL Schemes to import tmc files send per email
  • SpriteKit
    • Physics
    • Animation
    • Handling collisions
    • Use CoreMotion
  • Use Apple TV to play on a big screen
  • Game Center integration
  • iAd integration